EL `49

Una Historia Narrada Por Sus Protagonistas

Gustavo Bernal.- Growing up in various cultures and surrounded by films at an early age, Gustavo Bernal-Mancheno became engaged with the wholesome qualities that  unify the various crafts of a moving picture. He realized that telling a visual idea demands more than a "specialization", but a holistic appreciation of the creative elements encapsulated within the art of filmmaking. 
Thus, writing, directing, editing, and color grading have become his greatest strengths, in which he feels the most comfortable and passionate about.
He comes from a Sociology/Philosophy background, and holds a degree in Screenwriting (MCTC) and Film Directing w/digital Editing (Columbia College Chicago). He has worked for the History Channel (through Towers Productions, Chicago), and is currently in post-production for both his feature film, SILHOUETTES, and his short film, LUZIA (sponsored by Kodak and an honorable mention award for its script at the LA FILM & SCRIPT FESTIVAL).
Now, he is in development for his next short film, SOLEDAD, and a feature-length script, MIRADA DE PIEDRA, an epic drama based on a violent historic event.

Stay tuned!

REEL: https://vimeo.com/berman

WEB PAGE: http://www.ber-man.com/